That Ahh HA Moment Of Starting

I have been asked several times lately…” do you have a website”. When I went searching last week for my old reliable site, “”, it was no longer available. Like many sites, it was bought up by a reselling company after I didn’t renew it last spring. I was relieved. It felt limiting to return to a blog about being Gluten Free. That is just a small part of who I am and it felt like I was focusing on making do while being denied!

So I went to my devoted companion – my leather-bound journal- and began journaling from the heart instead of the head. I focused on what I want..  I want to share, inspire, be.

And the 2 words from the beginning of this year kept coming back. I am.

journal and pen
From the heart, not the head.

So I made a list. Yes, that is very Virgo and masculine doing energy of me but I wanted to start with what I know. I listed all the websites I have ever made about myself and sat back and felt into them. I began to pen how I felt when I saw that list in its totality.

Once that was done I had to hold back my divine masculine from running with this aha! All the professional things that I could do with the thoughts that were budding.

“Too soon!” my heart cried. “I’m not done yet!”
It’s an infant idea and needs some processing before it is set out to crawl about! Here is what I have as far as my “statement of purpose” :

I am about being more in a way that releases me to see that I am Enough!

Enough to not strain to achieve
Enough to not sell for love
Enough to not want out of desperation

I am enough to release myself to be in the sorrows and joys of today and the unknowns of tomorrow

When a seed breaks through the surface of the earth it can not predict what its future will be and does not limit its growth by what it was yesterday. It greets each sunrise with potential and reaches for it out of a place of self-acceptance.
A rose does not shame itself for not being and oak. A daisy does not slander itself for not being an oak. A daisy does not hide because it is not a sweet basil. Grass does not shrivel because it is not a lilac hedge. Nor do they prevent themselves from reaching higher in joy because they were smaller yesterday. They look within, soak up the nutrients of the earth around them, and they grow.

That is what I was.
That is what I am.
That is what I will be.

Ready to join me?

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