Ready to Move Forward

We have decided it is time for the boys to return to public school.  The initial plan had been for 1 – 2 years of homeschool to undo some coping techniques that the boys had learned to hide the areas of learning they didn’t have while trying to upgrade those areas.  Two became three but those three years has brought the light and confidence out in my boys and has truly brought our family even closer together.  We are done though.  We are at the point that we have all found our footing and are ready to move on.  R will be going to the High School 10 min away and G will be hitting the grade school down the street.  This September will bring backpacks and paper bag lunches.

I know in my heart that we are not to compete with the Jones’ or worry about what their views of us are but I am worried.  Worried that they aren’t prepared.  Worried that they ( and I ) will be judged in a negative light because we homeschooled.  Worried that the successes we have experienced won’t be enough.  I know it’s a mom’s job to worry.  It still sucks.

So now we spend the next 3 months wrapping up loose ends and preparing for the transition to a new culture.  Worse case scenario?  We pull them again and return to what we know has worked!  ( And PLEASE for the safety of my nerves and your hide DON’T say how great it will be for the kids to get to socialize.  Socialization is such a joke as in public school kids are told to sit down and shut up- not hang out.  Also, how many of your coworkers are your friends?  Ya… 30 classmates do not mean you will have friends. /rant)

Adventures continue.

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