No Wonder No One Showed…

I have always said that writing is first and foremost for your own growth and self-discovery.  That said, it is nice to hear feedback and encouragement from those that read your words.

*cricket chirps

Yup.  My site has been comment free.  No biggy.  It did raise some curiosity for me though and today I decided to look into it.

Ooopssss… The Door Was Locked

Sitting waiting for someone to join you for coffee will be a long wait if you don’t unlock the front door for them.  That is what I did.  I completely disabled the doorbell.  No user login.  No commenter’s form.  I agree we nee to be careful of spam and bots that are out for ill-meaning purposes but…  Good Heavens!

So I had a moment!  I have reinstalled the doorbell and welcome your feedback on my thoughts.  Healthy, RESPECTFUL, raw discussion is what will help us all to grow.

1 thought on “No Wonder No One Showed…”

  1. Great that you got this fixed. I am certain there are many responses to your blogs – just some may be too raw to share publicly. Well done.

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