Do Me Up a Bio for the Parents…

Hi Dianne,

Could you possibly send me a brief Bio that I can include in my parent letter to go home?



I blinked and was very grateful it was an email request because my first response was ‘ummmm no!’.   I shared with hubby this request and he said ” You can’t.  You don’t sell yourself well and you always undervalue what you do.”   The Man knows me well!  We sat quietly in the living room, him reading the paper and me staring at this blank screen.  ” How about you imagine an artist you admire that does similar works and write about them.  When you are done, go back and see if it sounds like you because you are that good but just won’t say those awesome things about yourself.”  Holy cow is that man smart sometimes.

So, let me see.  What 3 artists do I admire?

Tim Holtz

This creative and down to earth man brings antiquities and junk-tiques into creative dimensional objects.   Originally starting out in his antique shop, he saw great details and dimensions in every day objects that he found in his environment.  Incorporating those into seasonal displays and scrapbooking layouts, his love for these found objects and historical influence is clear in all the new products and designs he creates.

Vicky Papaioannou

This youtuber, product designer, craft designer and a mixed media artist is clearly loving her life and her arts.  Finally doing what she loves the most after years of being a teacher,  sharing her art with fellow crafters and teaching workshops around the world,  her vibrancy comes out in her sharing the 

Mike Deakon

Mike Deakin

I love following this man online.  His works range from seasonal cuties to grungy vintage.  He is down to earth and transparent about his life in the UK.  His commitment to his scheduled postings is admirable and certainly something I would love to aspire to.

All three of these individuals hold the following traits:

  • Calm presence
  • quietly innovative
  • holding to their own path
  • Grunge/rich palettes
  • Mixed media
  • creators
  • use what they find – make old new

I can only hope that these traits are ones I hold true to.  If it is the case I can only imagine where I could go with them.  Above all though, I need to remember to hold true to MY truth, MY message, MY style and not try to recreate the journey of another artist.  Who do you admire?  and Why?  I would love to hear!


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