My Frankestein Skills!

Sooo fricken proud of myself! My 50mm lens fall apart. The lens literally fall out of the housing. $200 seemed a bit out of the disposable income at the moment and I lost my motivation to take photos without my favourite lens.  So yesterday I settled myself at my desk with YouTube and a set of micro screwdrivers and performed surgery.

An hour later and the second cup of coffee – One cup of coffee is advisable but two was not helpful during this fine detail work- I clicked it back together for its second and final test and voila!  A working 50 mm lens!

When a friend expressed that they would never have ventured to perform such surgery on an expensive piece of tech I responded ” It was already broken.  Like performing surgery on a dead guy, what’s the worse that could happen?”.  I tried not to think of Frankenstein and the many movies that have attempted to answer that question.  Still,  I will make sure to keep an eye on my lens during lightning storms and full moons.


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