No Turkey This Year!

As the family ages and the Christmas of toddlers and children matures into teens and twenty-somethings, we are re-evaluating what traditions still fit our needs and which need to evolve.   As I wrote in the resent draft of my upcoming book, some of the traditions express values that MATTER to me.  Not just “Oh isn’t that sweet” but are a ritual, of sorts, that expressed and connects to something of a deeper meaning.  I have established that paper plates for Christmas Dinner falls into the NEVER AGAIN category as an example.  This year we will test out the Turkey!

Going Chinese!

While ordering in Chinese food and then hitting the movie theatre for the Christmas Release sounds awesome I have two key hurdles that prevent this from being our holiday extravaganza.  

1)  Crowds, commerce, and crazy don’t honor quiet reverence

Winter is the season of hibernation and recovery.  This isn’t just about the garden but also about our personal resources.  Taking the time to sit in the quiet and recharge our batteries for the next year of productivity and growth is an integral part of not burning out.  My recharging often looks like an ambient lit living room, an art project, and reruns on Netflix.  

Recharging also includes connecting with those that mean the most to me, my core tribe.  The high energy social galas that Christmas often is packed full of does not meet that need for me as I feel it’s more a ” how many birds can I kill with one stone?” approach rather than a heart to heart connection with one on one time.  Going to the movies may be an awesome tribe event but it consists of sitting side by side in the dark being entertained by an 2 story screen filled with pyrotechnics and emotional roller coasters. There is no connecting with the person beside you until AFTER the movie is over.   That misses the goal of the season for me.

We won’t even get into the drive to time to get to the city for the movies or the cost of taking a tribe to the theater now-a-days!

2) Ordering gluten-free Chinese food is lame. 

My favorites are deep fried chicken balls, ginger beef, chicken cashew guy ding, and sweet and sour pork.  And what is the point if you can’t have the egg rolls or fortune cookies!  A bowl of white rice and a boring stirfry with might hint at a flavor just doesn’t hit the spot when others are puffing their cheeks with deep-fried shrimp.  

Many Chinese Food Restaurants have attempted to work around these food needs but it is truly not a viable or sustainable practice for them.  Chinese food is a quick, cheap, and filling for about 2 hours.  Attempting to make it healthy and allergen free is costly in both materials and time.  Time for learning how and time for the actual preparation.  They are just not set up for dedicated friers, prep areas, and or service.  It is just the nature of the beast.

But Chinese it is!

After putting it to vote we have decided to ditch the epic turkey dinner for a homemade Chinese food spread.  This meal will be a gluten-free attempt at our favorites that may end with some amazing new regulars OR a deep fat fryer filled with burnt doughy masses.  Thankfully I am blessed with family that likes to cook and so will not be on my own with this adventure.

In preparation for this meal, I delved into my favorite Gluten-Free bloggers for their wise guidance. Gluten-Free on a Shoe String has provided recipes for freezable wontons as well as the following:

Don’t Mess With The Mamma  provided the following:

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