It is hard to group the many things I do.  I seldom stop to gather them or assess where they would fit into a filing cabinet.  Below is my attempt to make it easier to see and find what I do.  I will strive to round this out but I confess...  I would rather be doing than posting! LOL

So send me some feedback on what you like and keep me inspired to share and create!

Activity/ Journaling

Sacred Space

I love my quiet mornings.  The value behind their rarity makes them a gem that I cherish.  Using this time, and some honored tools, I can create a sacred expression and worship within the few stolen moments that is enough to recharge my soul and get me through the busy life that I love.   How?  Trust me.  It truly can be simple!

Art Room / Tools

Reviews & Tips

Not all crayons work the same but that doesn't mean that more expensive is better.  I play with everything from Dollar Store crayons to Derwent Inktense and with a wide variety of mediums.  Not being sponsored or endorsed also means I don't have to worry about Product Loyalty!  I can speak my truth!

Project / Lunch is Bagged

Character Lunch Bags

I started sketching lunch bags many years ago prior to Homeschooling.  Now with the boys back taking lunches every day, I am back to feeling inspired to create bags that inspire them to TAKE a lunch!  Teenagers!

Check out the Gallery Page for a more complete collection of my lunch bag collection

Activity / Coloring Books

Greek Goddesses and Cuss Words

3 years ago you could not find a non-preschool coloring book to save your soul.  Now, adult coloring books are a cornucopia of choices.  From Disney's Villains, mandalas, right through to swearing in full color!  This is where I practice my techniques, my materials, and my color choices.  Then, what to do with the pages when I finish with them!

Be warned though!  I am not afraid of a good cuss word and as colorful as I can make them!  I will link images to my techniques pages as I delve into making those for you!

Project / Bullet Journals

Bullet Journaling / Daytimers

Daytimers and lists, calendars and planners, To Do's and honey-please, and seasonal ideas galore have filled more notepads, journals, binders, and planners than I can count.  People ask me how many I have gone through and I have to first qualify as to " which type?"  Come check out some of my more recent layouts and books and, perhaps, I will dig into my archives to show how things have evolved!