Water helps motivate the biggest challenges!

One of the biggest challenges I have had homeschooling is getting started.  That includes coming up with curriculum materials, facing the base fear of homeschooling in general, but, worst of all, the morning alarm clock.

He taught me how to be the man I am
From a son to his father

Three years of homeschooling and I still dread the morning growls of two boys who don’t seem to feel the urgency or need to crawl out of bed to an alarm and get themselves prepped for the day.  Threats, groundings, alarm clocks, reminders- nothing seems to have worked.  Then, this past weekend, I read a book. ( I know, shocking!) It reminded me that one of the most important tools in raising kids are the firm boundaries we set.  Not wishy-washy- Mommy-Loves-You boundaries that flex and bend to the energies and feelings of the day but the solid-line-never-moving boundaries that kids can trust to hold firm.

In my teenage years, I had a girlfriend who crashed at my place after a night of shenanigans.  When I say crashed, I mean literally.  Right in through my bedroom window and onto my (then cool) waterbed.  I could not get her hungover arse out of my bed for anything!  A jug of ice water did the trick when it was thrown onto my bed – dousing her into alertness.  I remember this probably as well as she does!  I repeated this trick for my eldest in his teen years.  Why then have I forgotten to use this quiet-non-yelling tool with my 2 teenagers now?

So May has started out with fresh beginnings.  I do mean fresh.  I can’t think of anything that could cause a young budding human to launch from his earthly bed like a splash of fresh water.  True, I am not popular at the moment any more than those skiffs of heavy spring snow on a May morning but I believe it may just do the trick.  Day 2 and I only had to douse 1 budding youth.

Ahhhhh motivation.

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