Women’s Conference Selfie Challenges My Authenticity!

I have the honored opportunity to be one of three presenters in the upcoming 2018 Claresholm Women’s Conference.   They have just released their website and ticket sales this week.  Like any event, they have quick bios of their presenters on their site.  I was asked last week to send them in my write up.  Given the post-Christmas/New Years bla’s that I am prone to I was not particularly on-the-ball about getting it to them.  Here is where the Universe rubs its hands together with glee at the learning opportunity it was provided!   The facilitators tossed up a photo from my facebook page that they felt would be good and a brief generic description of journaling that paralleled what I had been discussing at some of the meetings.   When I checked in on the site I set my phone down with a gasp of “OH MY GAUD NO!”

Creek Side Selfie

I have sat with it for a couple of days now and have decided to roll with this.  One of the goals I have for myself this year is to further my path of self-growth in authenticity.  I wasn’t sure how that would look for 2018 but I am very proud of the progress I have been making over the past 6 years in finding safety in being the True Me.  I hide far less behind well-coiffed hair and a hard exterior.  Having said that, I am still never going to be the PJ’s to Wallmart girl and I also have to be at death’s door before I stay in my nightshirt past the first trip to the bathroom!  I love my skirts and bangles and, while I am always willing to get elbow deep in mud or paint, my high heels and shawls are a staple in my daily wardrobe.  You can well imagine my horror when my ” professional Presenter” photo was… well.  This.

This picture was a selfie I took at Hixon Creek, BC 4 years ago. I am sunburnt in ways that only regular exposure and sunglasses can create, I am wearing a swimsuit which I hate to even be seen in at the pool, and my straw hat is my ‘ trunk of the car’, beaten to hell and back, Country Star signed, mangled sun shelter of Not-Caring!  This is me at my rawest.  I doubt I even brushed my hair that day!

colage of journaling imagesI will be leaving this photo as my representation for this event for 2 reasons.  One being it is authentic alright! More importantly is two – The story behind this photo is epic and simple and that is the point of my presentation.  YOUR story matters.  Journaling is not just for those with tragedy, triumphs, and heroes of Marvel level proportions.  It is about answering your soul’s need to be expressed to you.  You are the audience that matters the most to your words and if other’s find joy, inspiration, or wisdom behind your stories then it is an added value.  Photography – Story Telling – Journaling are all ways of capturing a snapshot of a moment and sharing it.  The raw imperfections are the often the best and most often repeated moments and certainly the ones captured in most Selfies!

So next time you see me ask me about this photo and I will share with you the everyday triumphs that had me send THIS proud selfie to my husband!

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