J-OUR-N-L-Ing and our OWN ways

Powerful and inspiring is the only way I can describe the experience I had at the Claresholm Women’s Conference.  Having the honor to stand up in front of so many amazing women and show my vulnerability was a truly growing and divine opportunity.  To think that I was still unsure what I was going to say until I actually stood there in the quiet and lights looking out over the laughing faces.  Even now I am sitting here unsure of what I actually said!

If I was to follow up with one message… one hope for you it would be:

BE BRAVE.  Your. story. matters.

Social media makes it so easy to compare our lives to those of the world around us.  We see Pinterest boards filled with beautiful seaside cottages and unicorn birthday cakes.  We scroll through feed after feed of people’s best ( and worst) moments.  We subscribe to videographers with crisp white minimalist art spaces or dynamic panoramic views.  Then, when we turn our eyes away from the screen, we can see our lives as small… as common.

I once heard someone say ” Common sense is only common if you have shared all of the exact situations in your life up to that moment.”  I believe our stories, our situations and how we lived through them, are so individual that it is self-deluding to think it is not worthy of being written.

Now we aren’t all going to be New York Time’s best sellers.  Heaven’s I am not sure I would even want that responsibility! But not all stories are for the masses or even for anyone other than our own hearts.  The treasure and reward of writing can be the simple movement of the hand on paper, the simple moment of silence, and the simple outpouring of a moment in time onto paper.  I use the word simple not in the definition of Easy or lacking in detail.  I use the word simple to mean a lacking of pretence or grandeur.  The nitty gritty, dirty and down, real moments of our life that allow us to connect in our truth.

Make it your own.

The best part of being your own author is that there are no true rules about how you do it.  This story is yours.  The tone you use when you write, the words you choose, the length of how it is written is all within your power.  If you are anything like me the spelling mistakes and food stained pages will tell more to my kids ( or myself) about what my true state was than a poetically written stanza of text.  It is real.

If you go for weeks and never write and suddenly you fill page after page for 3 days… that will tell the story.  

If you have a box of napkins, receipts, slips of paper, and movie stubs with dates, names and thoughts written on them… that will tell the story.

If you cover page after page with colors and lines because you can’t find the words to capture the moment or thought… that will tell the story.

And the story will be Yours.  Rich.  Unique.  True.   Brave.  And definitely not small or common!



P.S. I promised to share the slides for those that were desperately trying to scribble down the notes on them!  VOILA.  The PDF!


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