In love with Bella Grace

I admit that I have a magazine addiction. I love the hope and ideas that COULD be found in the glossy folds of each months release of crazy! So often I have shoppers remorse after finding more than half of a magazine is ads and hardly any (if any at all) new ideas. Bella Grace left me, not only without buyers remorse but, with so much Joy that I shared my copy with my Mother… and then couldn’t find another!!

Micheals was the original port of purchase and I thought it safe to check other outlets and even Chapters. Nope. 5 Micheals and 3 Chapters later I went out of my way to return to the first location and found the last copy!!!

This magazine is a thick, amazing collection of journaling thoughts and prompts and is even a workbook. The matte paper and stunning photography is inspiring and my well-lived-in living room of sentimental ephemera will strive to be worthy of this bundle of joy.

After the summer magazine came out I hunted out the fall and, with hubby’s encouragement, I looked into getting an annual subscription to this quarterly piece of heaven. Not cheap but a delight worthy of its $110 price tag. Yet I still chewed my lip over the expense.

Have you read how much I love our Library? You really should because once again they were amazing. I approached them to see if I could sponsor the magazine through them. This helped me feel easier with regards to more stuff coming into the house. The #hrlibrary (yes Son I just hash-tagged) would order the magazine and when the bill came in I would be notified. I would get first dibs on the magazine and then it would get put into circulation. This made me happy.

Oh but wait!

When I went in today to pay for the subscription I was so pleased to hear there was more. This already winning solution also has the bonus of being a tax deductible donation AND I have the option of getting the magazines to keep after they leave circulation – usually a year. Oh heavens. What can I say?

Well, maybe just that my need to not add to the shelves will be eased by the tax deduction and sharing! Ahhh I love self enabling!

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