Join June’s Snail Mail Art Out!

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We invite you to join us in creating joy and connection during the month of June!

This spring has left many of us burnt out from digital and online visits and socializing.  The dreaded C word ( Covid) Quarantine inspired a lot of reflection for me as I returned to homeschooling teenagers, struggled with cancellations (like my son's wedding) and suddenly pink monkeys filled my day to day space!   Combine the two compounds and you end up with a potentially volatile new substance.  I was never alone yet feeling lonely.   A sentiment echoed by so many around me.

So Snail Mail June Art-Out focuses on reaching out to friends near and far, old and new, fellow artists or appreciators with our creations.

This is a completely voluntary!

Sharing of your creative gifts to uplift and reconnect with others is to be a joy for you, the artist, as well.  Do not add to your pressures and stresses.  Toss on your headphones, turn your back to the crazy, and sink into quiet moments of uplifting creating.  If you have a recipient in mind, use that as inspiration on what to draw, paint, or splatter!  Keep in mind that if you are painting on an envelope, to leave clear areas for mailing addresses and consider spraying or rubbing a protective coat on it to protect your art until it gets to your favored peeps!

Snail Mail Prompts

Create It

On the envelope, doodled around a letter, or on a framable piece.  There is no limit or mandate on how your creativity can be shared!

Mail It

Share your creation in the old fashioned way!  Add postage ( make sure it's sufficient) and release your baby out into the world to spread joy!

Share It

Post and share on social media IF YOU WANT.  Sometimes the best gifts are those done without anyone knowing!  If you do share it, tag me in it as I would LOVE to see what you have created!

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