The Canvas of my Life

We love to love actors!  The brawny, the graceful, the passionate, the libertarian,…  We are at a point in society where we love the ones that are a little human.  Not after the Gods of secrets or the aloof and mysterious,  we look for the idols we can strive to be like.  Our Supermans replaced with Logans and Nick Cages.  Heros and Anti-heroes that, while are near immortal, they admit that every wound hurts like hell.  The Wonder Woman’s who weap at the injustice and disconnection from love and hope in the world.

Then we look to who the actors themselves are.  How they approach their life behind their craft.  We look for what we can stand behind and fall in love with ourselves.  Canvas of My Life – Jason Momoa.  Jason Momoa is indisputable eye candy but there is a humbleness behind his ripped godly form.  An awe and devotion to his wife, his muse.  A  passion for being a father.  A hunger lust for life.  Yes, some may say it’s not real but only the work of a great social media marketing agency.  I am going to choose to put my faith in being inspired by his stories and the stories of those like him.  Careful…  This video may punch you in the feelings!  Then, if you are lucky, inspire you to ask yourself ” What is the canvas of MY life?”

A little video about the man embodying Aquaman, or some prefer Khal Drogo, here's the story of Jason Momoa.

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