Blog Plugins are getting UNPLUGGED!

Anyone who has had a blog hijacked, hacked, or otherwise assaulted knows what a pain in the ass it is to try and recover from that.  Out of fear we put our trust in software with catchphrases like ” watchdog”, ” Sentry”,  ” Guardian”, and pretty much anything that inspires any kind of hope that someone/thing is looking out for us.   Next thing you know though, the Guard Dog can’t tell the difference between you logging in and the bad guys making money off of stealing from your Dear Diary!

How much convenience are you willing to pay to have safety?

Well, I can tell you that I am too busy to take a doctorate level course to understand a website plugin with terms such as ssl, GeoIP database, using %.6f, UTF-8 sequences, and rel=”noopener noreferrer”.   I am also too busy to have to sit down at my office PC every time I want to share a thought or photo! I need to be able to post from my phone on the fly or, to be more specific, from a coffee shop. 😉

I don’t do Joy Limiters!  And Fear is a HUGE Joy Limiter!

So today I am reducing the number of Guard dogs at my fence.  Just like in my home, I am not going to throw open the doors and put a sign on the silverware but I am not going to use 13 deadbolts and a 24/7 live-monitored security system with indoor cameras that broadcast to my phone ( or any other device…  eeee  creepy!)  Am I taking a risk?  yes.  Am I taking an extra risk by telling you about this?  yes.  Here is my point to doing so though.

If we continue to look for the boogie man at our windows we will miss the joy in our homes.

If you believe that humans are untrustworthy you will constantly see examples to support that because that is what you are looking for.  If you put faith back in there being good people in the world ( and that you are one of many!) then you will also be proven right!  Focus on what you want to see and bring the joy back!

PS. and let your dogs be seen as loving and devoted companions that they are!

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