LOVE our Library!

I always said that Chapters holds the answer to every question you ever want - you just need to know the question.  I am in a position of modifying that statement...

Marigold Library System holds the answers to EVERY question known to man and will get it to you in as early as 48 hours  FREE.  That last word makes me VERY happy.  That is the very definition of economical!

Using the TRAC phone app at 11 pm when I am tired and bored is almost as dangerous as hitting Ebay or Amazon.  Suddenly the " oooo that's cool" factor has you clicking " request" on more books that you can carry.  Your brain says " they won't all come in at the same time... and I have lots of time to finish the 5 books I already have out."  Then suddenly the wonders of the Marigold system has you staring in wide eyes at the email that says " Your hold is waiting..." and the list of all but 2 of the books you requested.  If you are like me, then you quickly start to do the math as to how many renewals you can use to extend the time you have to finish all these books that look AWESOME.

Art journal art journey : collage and storytelling for honoring your creative process
Rae, Nichole
Art therapy sourcebook, 2nd ed.
Malchiodi, Cathy A.
Distinctly dylusional : a guide to art journaling
Reaveley, Dyan

SO keep your eyes open for my comments, reviews, and thoughts on each of these books over the next few weeks.  We will see if they are worthy of the " add to MY library" category.

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