Hope Make Heal

I am always seeking the answer to a question I am not quite sure how to phrase.  This is what fuels my love of bookstores and my blown budget on a regular basis!  Amen for our local library and it’s TRAC system that allows us to bring in books from all over the province.  That is how Hope Make Heal – 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart by Maya Pagan Donenfeld ended up on my desk.

This book is amazing.

“Hope, Make, Heal is the book I wish someone had given me.  It merges hope and creativity so that we can find renewal and restoration during life’s transitions and after a deep loss.  It grew out of a  longing for peace and the universal need for something tangible to hold on to.  Every project within these pages comes from my own survival toolbox.  Many of the ideas were birthed during the most tender and vulnerable times in my life.   And I know that they work.  I’ve experienced how they comfort and support and have witnessed the impact they have on the maker and those around them.  This book is a resource for personal healing and a gift for your friend in need.”

This book is made up of four section that each has a journal prompt and then a project.  I love that it not only wants you to take some time to be introspective and challenge yourself but then gives your hands something to do as well.  I have not come across another book that does THAT!  Wounded, Synchronicity, Healing, and Reinvention are the 4 stages that the book walks through with you and the projects are all manageable, low-skill, and not overly time-consuming.  Not too little and not too much.

“Our self-awareness will grow, and with it comes an understanding of the world around us.  Those having laboured through a dark time often have a deeper appreciation for beauty, love, and those perfect small moments that count so much more than we previously realized.”

It is needless to say that there are more post-it note flags on this book than I have seen in a very long time.  I have used up both of my renewal options and am sad to let this beauty return to the system.  I can NOT recommend this book enough!

“…I invite you to wrap yourself in al of your feelings and own them. The projects here encourage you to embrace your wounds fully and to recognize the sacredness that partners with darkness.  The journal records your experience in words and pictures; it honors this journey as one worth documenting…”

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