Mixed Media

I never quite know how to describe this.  Its media made with a mix of things?  I know.  Not helpful.  If a pizza and a prime rib dinner had a baby... it would be a mixed meal?

Bullet Journals

BuJo for short, this refers to a system introduced by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY.  It has been something I have done for years but not with this panache!  Take a professional approach and add it to a daily planner filled with artsy stuff and VOILA! Beauty and a Beast!  The perfect blend of organised!


Is that a word? Archivist? Sounds like a very rebellious person with a backpack of old memorabilia and photo albums.  Oh .  Wait...

Next Steps...

Meetups, classes, coffee shops...  Not sure what is next but I am going to seek joy in all of it.  ( Let's not discuss though the attempt to paint/dye my shower curtain with Rockin' Red hair dye!  Who knew the shower curtain was stain resistant-ish.  )