My Approach

You could also call this heading "philosophy" or "vision." Ultimately, what drives me?  Our household has had one motto since the kids were old enough to speak.  "Action.  Not Words."  

This got adapted and built on when the kids hit preteens.

"Action Plus Words Builds Trust"

So that is what we always strive for.  That our actions align with our words and our words support our actions.  Even as those evolve, and change as we ourselves grow, that core foundation is the stick we measure ourselves against.

Meet the People

These are the people that share my kitchen.  My Tribe.
These are my blessings that I count every day. Not ALL of my blessings... but my core.

My Wise Old Man


First Born & #AdultingWell

This kid gives me encouragement that I didn't break my kids irrevocably.  This wise old man brings love and integrity into his world through his laughter and his strength.  He honours me by still calling me Mommy.


Our Simon


One spring morning, with the pleading tone of a 6 year old wanting a new pet, I asked Hubby " Can we have an exchange student?".   We not only got an amazing year of new learning and perspectives, we got a new son!

Need Someone Bad!


The Unleashed

This kid has laughter in his soul.  He is passionate about his family and will eternally be young at heart.  His father's own doppelganger!




Master of My Heart!

20 Plus years, after an evening of dancing I just about did not go to, I am still married to my best friend.  He has seen me at my best and my worst and has loved me through all of it.  In the best SNL voice... " Still Together!"

NOT Elliot Lake

Devil Spawn

Tha Baby

What can I say about this monkey?  He is love.  Be it to his pets, his family, or to his friends, this boy seeks ways to demonstrate his love.  Snuggle bug right up until the 15th good-night!



Tha Pup

Mr Mister

Mr Mister

These two fur babies are big teddy bears and we would be lost without their company and devotion!

The Abundance Continues...

Never before have I recognised the plethora of true friends that I have in my life right now.  That is not entirely due to the absence of people but compounded by my fear and distrust of letting people close.  Those walls are melting and the rewards are...  unbelievable!