Nourishing the Body

Home is where your heart is.

The body is your Temple.

So many cliches attempt to get across to us that what we put in our bodies speaks so much about what we can offer the world.  The joy and fun in food are enhanced when it is shared with friends.  It is not about living without.  It is about sinking your teeth into more! (Not recommended for zombies...)

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Sitting with Your Heart

We learn how to be productive and driven to do and be more to be of value.  There are very few places to find value in the doing of ...


Seeking what the heart speaks quietly in its attempt to lead the brain.  Guiding our hands and actions to be of truer service to self and others.  We are all seekers.  Hearts of children trying to find our way.  The best way to do so may be to hold hands and do this together.

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Creating in Abandon

Oh, I love to get messy!  Finding new medium and ways to express what often can't be captured.  Mixed media, art journaling, dimensional art, coloring books...  So many ways to step out of the rules and be free.

“The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.”

– Hector Barbossa

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They all come together to be MORE

I have held and invested in many web pages over the decades and each one drew on the strengths I held in ONE area of my life.

  • Defiance Arts and Designs highlighted my professional and art adventures.
  • Coveted Cutz was my creative paper craftings
  • Wheat Free Family featured the Gluten (and sometimes dairy)free delights that I have created over the past 13 years.
  • General Chaotic was about the often unpredictable antics in a house of Irish boys!

I am more than the sum of these parts.  I am about being the more in a way that released me to see that I am ENOUGH!

ENOUGH to not strain to achieve.

ENOUGH to not sell myself for love or security.

ENOUGH to not desire out of desperation.

I am ENOUGH to release myself to be in the sorrows and joys of today and the unknowns of tomorrow.  How I express that will ever evolve as the days mysteries unfold.  Here I will sit in the moments and share what they bring me.  Grab a warm blanket and a steaming cup of comfort and join me.  Let's learn and seek together.

Sunset over the Wheatlands

So Onward to Joy...

Explore the pages and my life here and seek inspiration and comfort.  What calls to your heart?